Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Best Hands Free Masterbators

Clash of the titans writing! + Host club (revenge XD)

Title: Bravery, you say
Fandom: Ouran Kokou Host Club
Prompt: Courage (COW-T
second week, Mission 2)
Word Count: 512 (FDP)
Rating: PG .

Characters: Hikaru Hitachiin, Kaoru Hitachiin, onesided Hikaru / Haruhi
Warnings: Spoilers !
Spooooilers, Spoileeeers!
Notes: setting for the "evening" Chapter 80 (also 79 and 81 ... well, after the departure of the mother of Tamaki and yay! love-confession of Haruhi and guardacomegongolo! Tamaki, bless them that Hatori-sensei XD). Because, you know, even when everything ends well for the protagonists ... there is always someone who has not gone as well.

"You were very brave. "
Buffo. It was the same phrase that he had whispered when had declared that he had repeated, again, the night when he was urged to confess to Haruhi turn. Oh, yes, even when he was refused - even then his brother told him he was brave - but that came to mind at the last, and sank to his knees into the mattress and it veered into a finger, puffing when the soft bounces.
"does not take much courage to give up something that you can not have. "He wanted
leave behind a bitter grumbling, and instead the enormous space of the room gave him back two or three times a plaintive little voice, amplifying the sadness each echo and bounce against his palms, and empty into the eyes of Kaoru, in a refrain so boring I almost took him to tears.
"It takes a lot to give up something you love and want so much, despite everything . "
His brother gave him a warm smile on her lips, dropping him gently.
He sighed, burying his fingers dancing in the folds of the cloth so that no vacuum, nor in the room nor in the heart, was aware there clung a bit '. Just a little '.
"I will stay forever in my brother's alleged lover, so ...? "
'Stupid, if you say so me wrong. "
" Oh, is not for you, is for the fangirls. You know, the prospect of a life being chased by a bunch of slobbering otaku is not just ... We will not even have time to flirt, on balance, no? "
" No.
... Hikaru. "
"Lei .. I thought ... "
" I think so. "Kaoru leaned forward, encircling with bare hands and putting it back to the wall with two strokes on the cheeks. So with foresight, those fingers - Hikaru seemed almost already drying of the tears that he had not yet decided whether to cry or not. "But you have to quit right now. She was the first to populate our world with two ... but will not be the last. "
sounded so sweet in his head that was even want to believe him. And then, I am your brother , would tell him, if I tell you you must believe by force.
"Have patience," he begged. "I have not yet found someone you love more than you, you have not yet found someone to love you more than me ... means that it is not yet time. "Kaoru looked at him with a seriousness in his eyes finally, before letting slip a laugh. "Or that it was a mistake, let us be born brothers. "
fist twin hit the shoulder, almost by chance, before Hikaru's embrace of momentum-the-head with his right hand, approaching the front of her and laughing like crazy with him.
"What idiot ...! You ... or you're not ... a real maniac, you ... "
" All for the love of fangirls. "
Hikaru smiled, sniffling.
'A-ha. Yes Got it. "

Thursday, February 17, 2011

5th Metatarsal Spiral Fracture

Clash of the titans writing! + Host club

Written for maravigghiosoh COW-T , Mission 2, Prompt peaceful , 360 words for FDP.

Fandom: Ouran Kokou Host Club
Title: Celeste
Rating: PG ,
Cast: Takashi Morinozuka, Mitsukuni Haninozuka
Warnings: Flashfiction.

Not to sound indelicate, but ... Sometimes, a star with Mitsukuni, appetite was the first stimulus. Exactly, he was hungry just looking at him.
It was almost embarrassing to say it would be rude, but every day Honey presented itself to him with his constant smell of sweet eyes chocolate, marshmallow-colored cheeks, and pam!, opened a hole in the stomach so big. But that's when he was small.
As children it was easy, with a dazed expression gravely in front of his cousin, and being only mouth-watering cakes and listening to singing bunnies. From large, and admitted that they were really big now, the situation changed soon - but only because, by then in eight years, Takashi was so addicted to sweets and anything that concern them, at that point, did not even more throat.
older, with a principle of maturity and all philosophical-like reflections linked to it, to his cousin Takashi's face stopped being synonymous with sweet bun bunny formed to protect and admire , and became, simply, a world of color and light that were lit to a smile, occasionally, at times scintillating as the sun plays hide and seek between the smoky curtain of the sky.
expression Mitsukuni was always a blue sky, with a few puff of whipped cream instead of the clouds and the sky was so beautiful and precious, at times, he was seriously afraid to get distracted and lose it somewhere years down the road.
Yet he remains so. A smile of sugar, always blue, always happy, always equally valuable. Perhaps it would have been at twenty, then thirty, and down to forty and fifty.
Maybe one day if he would be seen still standing, as fifteen years old, standing in the courtyard - a candy with the paper filter to the image of a blazing sun, but unfortunately unwatchable.
told him yet "Takashi! Takashi! Look! The world is all yellow, too! "And he would know that the sky was still clear.

And, really - with a little 'luck and sweets, probably would continue to be so for long, long time.